Thursday, October 30, 2014

Advice for Myself : Don't Negotiate with Crazy

It's good to find common ground. But not every single time. There are going to be circumstances when commonality can't happen. One of them is when I am face to face with crazy.

There is no middle place between myself and crazy. I have nothing in common with crazy. I have nothing  to gain from crazy. Crazy and I will never be friends. I need to listen to me now. Crazy and I can't be acquainted. Even cordial is up for question. Be careful with cordial. Even that.

Quirky and I can be friends. Eccentric and I can be friends. Even boring and I can be friends.

But crazy is a different story. With crazy, nobody wins. In any negotiation with crazy, I will always lose. Crazy's idea of friend, fair, nice, funny, loud, soft, neat and good will always be filtered through crazy.

Say hi to crazy but then keep on walking.

Don't be fooled by crazy. Crazy can seem okay at first. It can walk among the rest of us. Then it reveals itself.

 Nothing can change crazy.

When the crazy detector goes off listen to that. Even when it is so quiet no one else can hear it. Negotiate with that voice that is everyone's friend. That voice is negotiable. But crazy? There is no conversation, no language no device for that.

I've been to the university of the old college try. I'm an alumnus of that. Crazy need not apply. I'm not talking to crazy anymore.

Advice for Myself is a new series I am working on to remind myself of things I learn and then forget. I am hoping that collage and writing will help me remember some important lessons I've gained through life experience. Maybe it will help you too.

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