Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Cold Soups: Part Two

I had a lot of fun creating ColdSoups: Part One. Autumn here in the Northeast can be an up and down proposition temperature wise. It’s currently a 90-degree, sunny September day. So there’s still time to try these before its cold enough to crave winter fare and comfort foods.

Golden Gazpacho with Avocado
By Justin Capple, August 2014 Food & Wine Magazine

Yellow tomatoes and green avocados give this soup a stunning color palette. Lucky for us, it’s also delicious and cooling. Here’s the recipe.

Buttermilk Corn Soup with Shrimp
Health Magazine

Jeremy and I are crazy about buttermilk, so this recipe had us at hello. Summer – or early fall – translated into a soup.

Adapted from the MoosewoodCookbook

One of my sweetest memories revolves around this soup. My toddler son Jacob was hospitalized for chemotherapy and then infection. It was a long stay. I was in the throes of early pregnancy and feeling finicky and grouchy. All I wanted was a cold, creamy and comforting Cascadilla. The hospital cafeteria wasn’t cutting it.

Jeremy set about gathering a supply of basic kitchen gadgets for this cook-free delicacy. He did some targeted food shopping. Then he proceeded to make this soup in Jacob’s hospital room. Jacob didn’t have any, but Hannah did, albeit indirectly.

On a more practical note, this soup might be worth trying if you find traditional Gazpacho too tart and acidic.

Our adaptation is that we omit the mushrooms and garnishes. The soup is endlessly customizable, so do what inspires you. We feel there is no substitute for regular sour cream. I photographed my cookbook page for easy reference, or you can find it here.

Chilled Carrot Soup with Sweet Pea Cubes
Shape Magazine, July / August 2015

There is something magical about this soup. How fun is it that you can make a cold carrot soup, then float cubes of peas mixed with buttermilk right in it? It tastes fantastic. I made this for the first time while Hannah was trekking through Eastern Europe earlier this summer. I can hear her complaining in the next room about the heat. Time for an encore.  Recipe here.

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