Thursday, January 8, 2015


Monday's a shiny new penny
I greet my old friend the subway
Relieved to see the same strangers sitting there
Like they never moved this whole Christmas time
Though you and I know this can't be true.

No one was spared this thing we call the holidays
Every one of us singled out
By the change of air, the exaggeration, the extra colors, the congregation
The obligations spoken and others left hanging there silent and sore
Some rise to meet them, winners in our midst
Others falter, retreat, fail to place at all
Whatever we did
We're back here now.

The tiny smile of the crossing guard
The nod of the man walking the dog
The crosstown bus driver, the doorman
I missed you I wanted to shout
I give a little wave instead
Happy New Year I whisper
Or say it louder, depending on the person.

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