Sunday, August 17, 2014

What's Good For Us Now

The salmon I'm eating
Once swam upstream, strong and barely stoppable
He died for my sins
Cleaning my arteries, basting my brain

The kale, flax seeds and walnuts faced a similar fate
Their higher purpose realized in my Runner's lunge,
my beating heart, my pliable and beautiful mind

The lush Mediterranean warms my pantry
Rogue cells that don't belong in this temple
Are obliterated with a gentle artillery
Of berries, greenery and roots
The clock doesn't stand a chance
With all this olive oil around

I'll die one way or another, whatever I do
But in the meantime, this midlife creature
Scales flight after flight unassisted
Stepping lithe as a dancer and spritely
If I get any lighter I'll grow wings
And flit about, ageless and barely visible
Soft as a whisper yet almost immortal
You won't have to bury me
I'll just evaporate

There are times when I miss the days
When kids drank their milk
And meat made strong muscles
We'd run in, hot and breathless from playing outside
Gulp our Kool- Aid in a gorgeous haze of laughter and cigarette smoke
Flawed, like tiny chips in fine bone china
Nothing that a little St. Joseph's Baby Aspirin couldn't fix

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