Friday, August 1, 2014

Leave Me Wanting More

The encyclopedia that longs to be a pamphlet
A magnificent idea in want of an editor
The earrings are enough, the necklace is too much
The poor old suitcase packed to overflowing
When it comes to the drum solo, less is more
No one wants to tell you no
You wouldn't listen anyway

God bless the one act play
The novella, the children's hour, the appetizer
The paragraph, a sentence
The sentence a kernel, the kernel a whisper

There is artistry
To the page turner, the knee slapper, the blockbuster
I didn't know there was an edge to the edge of my seat
It could have lasted all night, but didn't.

By all means, write the opera, the manifesto, the tome
Knock yourself out, have some fun
Leave them in the drawer, admire their heft
Get them out whenever you like, they're yours

When it comes to me and you
Publish the sparkle, share the good parts, cut to the chase
The song, the chapbook, the lightness, the lilt
The cream that rises to the top
Make it snappy, keep me with you
I don't have all day, but make me wish I did

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