Sunday, April 30, 2017

All of the roads, they did lead here

The landline rang. I picked it up. I have zero time she said. But I just had to call and congratulate you.

Oh wow, so he told you, I said. Word travels fast.

I'm sitting with him now, she said. Her voice sounded emotional. Like maybe she was trying to contain her tears.

Just tell me one thing, she said. What was it like to open the envelope?

There is no hesitation. I don't even have to think about it.

It felt like this, I said. I knew in that moment that he had every opportunity open to him. There is nothing closed to him going forward.

Oh my god, she said. Oh my god.

That is exactly what you people set out to do there, I told her. You see potential. This is as much your victory as his.

He worked hard but so did all of you, I added.

And you, she said. You worked very hard too.

That's true. I laughed. Then we said a nice goodbye.

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