Thursday, October 20, 2016

The High Cost Of Being Me

There's some good stuff inside this head. Creativity. Thinking thoughts other people don't. I also like to help people.

That said, I've exhausted myself.

I'd love to be easygoing. I'd love to stop thinking about the same things again and again. I'd love my brain to just shut up. It would also be good idea to shut up in general.

My feelings get hurt easily. I worry. I crave foods from my childhood at inopportune moments. I'm a lousy traveler.

I make a lot of lists. If I do not have access to the lists for any reason, then I remember nothing.

I have trouble with transitions. I'm sensitive to all substances. When my doctor prescribes something to me he gives me a smaller dose than other people.

I laugh really loud and people turn around and stare. Okay, that's actually a good thing. I have an infectious sense of humor. If I didn't have that, I'd probably be dead.

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