Friday, February 22, 2019

Hard Fall

When cold rain fell in sheets
When the wind took your umbrella
When the ground opened up
When the cracks swallowed you whole

When your right hand took the brunt
When your right hand looked like meat
When the rest of you stood unharmed

When your right hand rested
When your left hand shone eager
When your left hand surprised everybody
When your left hand was the hero

When your brain met your left hand halfway
When your left hand remapped your brain
When they both became dominant
When you became the southpaw

When your right hand thanked your left hand
When your brain thanked your left hand
When your left hand and brain thanked your right hand
When they all rolled up their sleeves
When everybody did their job

When you think about evolution
When you marvel at redundancy
When you know why you grow  two of things
When you are abundant
When you are rich in body parts

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