Wednesday, July 29, 2015


To capture is mine
The pearl, the gem, the crux
Washing over me isn't enough
Your words so heady, to listen alone just doesn't cut it.

Your big heads have a safe.
A lock box, a lid snapping shut,
For me, the commoner, the external hard drive
My hands my keyboard my camera, my list
My beloved, cherished executive assistants
Thank you, old friends.

I despise the slow sieve, the free fall, the loss
I can't have it, I won't have it.
It's what I do so I don't have to

Mine is the keepsake
The one raindrop
The neat turn of phrase
As compact as it is deep
The way the folds meld the color
The first kiss of the wood burning stove or the grill
The way you're gone but not gone
Thank god I saved you while I still could.

If you see me staring
That's me etching, imprinting, encoding
July is important, our trip to the store, the laugh
The freckles will never look the way they did today
I'll need to memorize the curves
Before the lithe lines take over
I'll ask for grace
For that which flits away while I'm not attending

I did it just now
While you were reading
I do it all day keeping what I love
Letting some of it evaporate
In spite of what I said before.

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