Saturday, April 25, 2015


There's this thing I like to do. It's very simple. I've liked doing this for as long as I remember.

It starts with a particular kind of rain. Not a hard, torrential downpour. That would be boring.

The kind of precipitation I'm talking about ranges from misting to a very light sprinkling. If I'm outside in it, I don't use an umbrella.

I'll sit myself inside, in front of a window. It works best when there are no reflections.

I'll let my eyes get adjusted. I'll look at the trees, people, buildings, or whatever is in front of me out the window. Then slowly, I'll adjust my eyes a different way.

I'll gently look this way and that then still my gaze until I find the rain. I don't force it. It helps to utilize a plain, relatively dark area out the window. But a variety of scenery will work. I've done it with brick walls, expansive lawns and tree trunks.

The rain is soft and light. It can be a challenge at first, but an appealing one. There is that moment when I find it. Then I'll hold my gaze on the delicate rain. Everything but the rain will go out of focus.

Sometimes it's a conscious decision. Let me try that thing with the rain. But mostly it's not. I'll notice it in progress. I'll realize I'm sitting at Starbucks watching the rain and only the rain. How long I've been doing it is anyone's guess.

It's a pleasant, calm activity.

If you see someone just staring out the window, don't make any assumptions. Maybe they seem to be doing nothing. But they might be pretty busy.

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