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About five years ago I lost 30 pounds. I adopted new healthy eating and exercise habits with the help of WeightWatchers Online. I was also fortunate because my mother was a source of encouragement and advice. So were some other family members. In fact, there is one family member in particular was responsible in getting me started. I still remembered the conversation. I started Weight Watchers Online the very next day because of him.

When I adapted my eating and fitness, Jeremy followed suit. He lost weight too. When all was said and done and we'd lost all of the weight we wanted to, we realized that our combined weight loss was equal to that of the total weight of our son Noah, who was in the 4th grade at the time.

Early on, people would ask Jeremy and I how we lost all of this weight. But more recently the questions have been slightly different. People have shifted from wanting to know how we've lost the weight to inquiring as to how we have kept it off.

Jeremy is an excellent and accomplished baker. Once people realize this they really have questions about how I can remain slim while being married to Jeremy. People also want to know how Jeremy maintains his physique while being Jeremy.

So I've decided to write some blog posts about it.

Many people lose weight. But when it comes to keeping the weight off, that is a challenge. It is a challenge for me too. But I have managed to do it for a long time.

In this way, I am an expert of sorts. I have been able to achieve what many people are not able to do. 

Here is what I am. I am a slim person with a lot of good ideas to share. I have some strategies that you may not have heard before. I believe that losing weight and keeping it off puts me in a rarefied place. However, my expertise is limited. That is what this disclaimer is all about.

Here's what I am not.

I am not Beyoncé
I am a woman who has carried and birthed three children in quick succession. A number of years later, I proceeded to become middle aged. I do not have a body like Beyoncé.

What I do have his a fit, healthy and comfortable body. I am slim and I like to think of myself as shapely. When I go up the stairs I do not huff and puff. I wear whatever I like within reason.

I am not celebrity red carpet ready. I do wear a size 6 and I like to bargain shop for clothes. If the line at Marshall's were a red carpet, I'd be ready for that.

In other words, I am doing extremely well for a 52 year old woman who has not had any plastic surgery and doesn't employ a celebrity personal trainer or chef.

I am not a nutritionist or a doctor
This one is self-explanatory. I am neither of these things. I am hoping to interview specialists in both of these fields. But a lot of my advice will come from my own experience and observations. If you are a diabetic or suffer from Celiac disease, then I'd think twice about anything I say.

I am not into Fat Shaming
I believe our society at large has a great deal of prejudice toward fat people. Most everyone agrees that it is not nice to make fun of people with disabilities, or people who belong to certain ethnic groups. But overweight people can be fair game.

If a famous person who used to be slim becomes fat, people love looking at unflattering pictures of that person.

I think some of the urgency around fitness, losing weight - especially baby weight - and before and after pictures is actually fat shaming behavior in disguise.  Not all of it. But enough.

My awareness and thinking about this has lead to some unorthodox ideas. I think there are worse things to be than fat.

I am not a trendy dieter
I eat from all of the food groups. If I had celiac disease or gluten sensitivity I would be on a gluten free diet. I eat gluten. I eat carbs. Most of the time I eat whole-wheat carbs and healthy carbs. But they are still carbs.

I eat white pasta. So shoot me.

I never use the terminology Clean Eating because for some reason it bothers me.

I do not eat like my ancient ancestors. Although there is some overlap, my diet does not closely resemble that of cave dwellers.

I am never doing a juice fast or cleanse.

If I had to give a name to how I eat most of the time, I'd say that what I eat has strong elements of the Mediterranean diet by way of Weight Watchers. In addition to that, I did eat lunch at Shake Shack yesterday because that is my reward after going to get a mammogram. Same with some home baked sugar cookies I had later.

I have some unfair advantages
I first heard the term Unfair Advantage either listening to a podcast or reading Seth Godin. In any case, when it comes to weight loss and weight maintenance, I have several.

Being aware of them and what they are means I can utilize them to help me.

Some people might think that my having unfair advantages puts me in a place where I have no business giving advice. I think that this is the wrong way of looking at it. Every person has an unfair advantage when it comes to reaching and staying at a healthy weight. In future posts I'll write about mine and help you identify yours. Being aware of it isn't the whole story. But it's something you can keep in your toolbox. It's an asset. When it comes to this, we can all use whatever help we can get.

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